ST. Peters Aterait Secondary

Quality Assuarance and Standards


The SQASO has the following members

  1. Mr. Etila Barasa Stephen                    SQASO
  2. Ms. Machacha Nambuye Anne           DSQASO

The department was initiated early this year, 2019 as one of the strategies to streamline school academic operations in the endeavor to catapult the school to soar in academic performance and excellence.

The mandate of the SQASO is to ensure quality and standards in pedagogy. In line with the TSC TPAD, the office is strategic in carrying out Lesson Observation at least twice per teacher per term. Lesson observation is leveraged on evidential backing of lesson plans among other professional documents. Lesson observation in class is confined to the following observation areas:

  1. Introduction and lesson organization
  2. Content delivery
  3. Teaching methods/ techniques
  4. Learner involvement and communication
  5. Classroom management

All the observation areas have performance indicators which are the scoring areas for the teacher being observed.

Lesson observation’s significance is twofold; improves the teacher’s preparedness to teach and deliver. Secondly, to it enhances the learner’s content grasping. Lesson observation form (LOF) is the tool used in this undertaking.

Other than lesson observation, the department is tasked with other noble duties of monitoring lesson attendance by teachers by using Lesson Attendance Register (LAR). Monitoring syllabus coverage through the use of a syllabus coverage survey tool (SCST) developed by the office for internal monitoring.

All these functions are geared towards improving and enhancing excellent academic performance.





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