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Our greatest passion at St. Peter’s Aterait is to grow a culture of Excellence in all our pursuits and leave a legacy by doing things differently; hence our motto – Excellence Our Pride.

The institution of policies and strategies coupled with re-engineering our focus towards excellence with renewal of mind makes St. Peter’s Aterait to define itself with uniqueness and curving a niche within educational circles both locally and nationally.

Our strength is drawn from our School Vision:To be a leading Centre of Excellence in nurturing a holistic learner for global society. 

Our desire it to scale great heights in transforming this institution into a Model school by embracing best practices that will see us realize our vision.

The face of the society is a function of its product. As St. Peter’s Aterait we are driven by this philosophy hence our School Mission:To provide quality holistic education by equipping learners with knowledge, skills and values suitable for the global society.”

Our mission forever is to nurture a student that is holistic and capable of sustaining oneself against ever emerging and dynamic challenges and global trends.

As an institution we desire to give the best to our clients, hence the development of a strategic plan that prescribes a work plan that acts as blue print upon which our achievements are anchored despite the many challenges that surrounds a school of our status and in such a remote environment.

Our greatest goal is to churn out an appreciable number of students into institutions of higher learning and middle level colleges that will in the long run impact greatly on the community we draw our students from.

St. Peter’s Aterait is a value driven system: Precision in Punctuality, Professionalism, Teamwork, Cleanliness, Diligence, Integrity and Godliness is our backbone.

Guided by the National Goals and Values we promise our clients and all stakeholders to brace for the best of us through effective service delivery as defined in our service charter; through our zeal, dutifulness, responsibility, discipline, resilience and prudence.

We compete against none but ourselves for a mark of excellence.

This is St. Peter’s Aterait.

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