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Science Department


First I would like to acknowledge the great support and inspiration by the school Principal, Board of Management and entire administration for guiding and facilitating the development and production of the school website.

It is also with sincere appreciation that I acknowledge the following members of the department for their tireless efforts in ensuring successful teaching and learning of science in the school.

  1. Ms. Machacha Anne – Chemistry  & Physics  Education
  2. Mr. Musungu Daniel – Chemistry Education
  3. Ms. Opwaka Jael – Chemistry & Biology Education
  4. Mr. Okiro Patrick -  Biology Education
  5. Mr. Osokaise Alfred – Chemistry & Physics Education
  6. Mr. Mandela Nicholas – Chemistry Education
  7. Mr.  Imwatok  Paul – Biology Education
  8. Mr. Omwenga Theophillas – Physics Education
  9. Mr. otwani Lino – Chemistry Education


It is equally important to recognize the precious contribution of our laboratory technicians namely Ms. Sarah  Ekisa and Mrs. Sande Aroni okaye for their tremendous support in teaching and learning of science in the school.

As members of science department, we are committed in providing new opportunities for teaching and learning of science amongst our learners and creating more opportunities for creativity and active learning by our students.  We are keen in ensuring greater opportunites for teacher to teacher, teacher to student  and student to student communication and collaboration and create greater enthusiasm for learning amongst students as well as offering access to a wider range of choosing courses in their future  career.  It is our hope that the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired by the learners would contribute to improved learning of science at secondary school level and in turn upgrade the capability of young Kenyans.


Thank you very much.



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