ST. Peters Aterait Secondary

Technicals Department


The department consists of two subjects offered in our curriculum, Business Studies and Agriculture.

Teachers of business

  1. Mr., Inene Stephen                 -Deputy Principal
  2. Mr. Etila Stephen Barasa        - H.O.D
  3. Mr. Sajja Alfred                      -H.O.S
  4. Mr. Bernard Ochelle

Teachers of agriculture

  1. Mr. Emeje Moses Okedi
  2. Mr. Okiro Patrick
  3. Mr. Imwatok Paul

The two subjects are compulsory in form 1 and 2 and thereafter a student chooses either of the two in form 3 based on the ability, performance and career choice.

The department has continuously posted good performance in KCSE in the two subjects, 2015 being the peak with business studies posting a mean of 9.328 and agriculture at 9.140.

Enrolment of students in the subjects has also been tremendous particularly business studies, which this year has a candidature of 103.

High enrolment has been attributed to the good performance in the department and marketability of the careers available after training and further studies in the two subjects e.g. entrepreneurship, commerce, accounting office practice, economic, business management ICT

Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension ,Veterinary Studies Medicine, Agricultural engineering           , Horticulture, Animal Husbandry.


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