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Humanities incorporate all disciplines which deal with human part of person.  It’s the soul developer of self discipline, hard work and moral integrity.  Thanks for the united members despite the challenges in the department. “There is no science beyond human control”.  This departmental philosophy has formed the foundation stone upon which the operations and activities of the department rest, alongside our Motto, “ATTAIN THE BEST AT ITS BEST”




  • Geography    – 7.0
  • C.R.E                         – 5.0
  • History          – 5.0



We have Ten teachers in the department:

  1. Mr. Tebakol Leonard Oramisi      – H.O.D (CRE)
  2. Mr. Okura  Silas                           – Secretary (History)
  3. Mr. Obore Bruno Benard                         – H.O.S Geography
  4. Mr. Etyang  Ignatious                   -  H.O.S (C.R.E)
  5. Mrs. Cheche Dorice                     – H.O.S History
  6. Mr. Shihundu  Dishon                  – Geography
  7. Mr. Inene Stephen Omasaja         – Geography
  8. Mr. Barasa Alex Wamalwa           – History
  9. Mr. Ochele Benard                       – Geography

10.  Mrs. Ataro Janet Barasa               – History



The department has developed episodes for success as follows:

  1. Early syllabus coverage
  2. Exposing students to various examination questions
  3. Attending subjects contest/symposium
  4. Workshops – The school has even planned to train some teachers as exam makers.
  5. Subject examiners task to be done – To expose the learners to the examination tips and guidance on exam setting.
  6. Setting targets for students – Humanities have manifested its prowess because it has allowed several students to attain good grades.
  7. Professions – The department is focused to help students act as a bridge to go for further education and related degrees.
  8. Regular exams marked and Revised.
  9. Exchange programmes with performing schools.

10.  Groups and class discussions.

11.  Encourage research work and group presentation.

12.  Give question banks to students to work out.

13.  Topical revision from form 1 to 4 monitored by co-ordinators.

14.  Give special attention to needy students in order to build them academically for them to get power to say No to Ds and Es.


As the department reflects on its destiny, it gets encouraged that the above epidoses as the members put it, “episodes for success” will bring huge milestones to the department and make us remain optimistic of getting up to the apex of academic glory.

Our motto, “ATTAIN THE BEST AT ITS BEST,” is the foundation for our priorities, strategies and plan to continue offering the best to the St. Peter’s Aterait community and beyond.  It will be the source of our strength and motivation to achieve excellence and produce the best History and Government, Geography and Christian Religious Education graduates in the country.

The four year plan (2020 – 2014) emphasizes a modest growth and expansion of our enrolment concentrating in improved quality.  More emphasis is on the improved efficiency in performance by both the teachers and students.

A result oriented approach is envisioned whereby the output of our efforts to integrate the Christian faith in our teaching – learning and service would be documented and verified through a sustained monitoring and evaluation process, kept in a clear record track as opposed to the Q-records.

Planning is a diverse process and this plan will be reviewed annually to accommodate changes will be mirrored in subsequent annual plans and budgets.

At the end of the four year period, humanities department would like to continue being a Christ centered department where academic excellence is pursued alongside spiritual nourishment for both students and teachers.  The aim is to produce all-rounded graduates who can be easily accommodated by the society and who will be prone to making positive differences in the society.

Our aim is to get up to the apex of academic excellence and glory, endeavor to prove our philosophy that , “There is no science beyond human control,” in conjunction with our Motto,” ATTAIN THE BEST AT ITS BEST”

Let’s always remember to maintain a sharp and clear vision for where there is no vision people perish.  May the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Bless the humanity department and the entire family of the Saint Peter’s Aterait.





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